I have been involved in ‘making’ for as long as I can remember, from very early childhood I think and this is an essential element of my experience of being a person.  I am most alive when I am involved in making art. I like to use drawing as a thinking as well as a recording tool and am often looking for an emotional response to what I can see, through fleeting and gestural marks.

I have recently started printmaking and am fascinated by the tension I find between flowing, accidental and incidental marks which come to together to form a coherent image (only sometimes figurative) and the discipline needed to make crisp and clean prints. For me this is the ideal medium to meld together making and thinking. Taking elements from a range of images, drawing and prints and bringing them together in different relationships allows a set of internal dialogues to become visible. I will often spend several days making and remaking, forming and dissolving juxtapositions, using sections made using several different techniques.  Finding the moment when different elements suddenly become ‘just right’ is a profound pleasure.

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South Lakeland


About your venue - Accessibility

Cottage is set back slightly from the road directly behind Noble's Rest in Kendal

Uphill but good paths

8 steps up from the road to the cottages - handrail

French windows into the studio


Stripped floorboards

Yes - but steps up from street make it inaccessible for wheelchairs

No - but plenty available near by

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