Debby Akam has shown her work in varied settings, such as  a dairy farm, and a  French fishing village where she exhibited a piece about a Cumbrian fisherman as part of Artevisa festival, Elles sont passés par d’ici’. Prints are characterised by saturated colour, and repeating motifs to suggest a mixture of things observed, imagined, and remembered, in layered images that invite multiple readings, and allow an element of chance into the making process. Silkscreen is sometimes combined with the gestural marks of woodcut blocks to juxtapose the immediate experience of making the print with an event captured in a photograph. Recent work in video has used her home and its’ surrounds as a safe space in which to play. Playing (After the Flood) shows this safe space under threat. Hammock, (collaboration with Gary Power), describes the experience of being in a hammock, constantly moving in a fixed place, using the quality of light, the colours, textures and rhythms of a particular place, to explore the phenomenon of seeing.


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