I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist encompassing painting, photography, sculpture and landscape interventions. The landscape lies all around us, ever accessible and inexhaustible, offering a plethora of material to delve into its continual transformation. We are surrounded by an invisible landscape of spaces, colour, light, sound, movement and temperature.

Creating this physical presence within my artwork is central to my practise. Free-form abstractions that embrace a spontaneous, colourfully bold approach. Encompassing both the visual and perceptual experience of clashing natural and manmade environments. Often moving off the canvas to create intriguing sculptural installations. The effect is a richer experience. Through personal intuition, expressive mark making and painterly improvisation, my work experiments with the layering of forms and pattern alongside mixed-media materials.

By venturing into the landscape, taking photographs and making temporary site-specific interventions, I am attempting to show how landscapes are constructed and manufactured. Its paradoxes and its contrasts interest me greatly. The landscape is a blend of people and nature. There is no longer one without the other. The traditional way of seeing and experiencing the world has been abandoned, therefore the different strands of my work attempts to show more than just what we see on the surface.

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South Lakeland

Installation,Mixed Media,Painting,Photography,Sculpture

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