Rachel’s work reflects an intuitive connection with memory and sense of place. Using references from the natural world, she explores   with drawing, painting, bookworks and animation the idea of our Cumbrian landscape as a place which can entrance and beguile but which also exists on the edge, treading a delicate balance between creation and destruction.

Rachel’s imagery often involves complex combinations, using a range of media to create visual experiences that are both subtle and mysterious. Through layering, erasing, drawing and redrawing, each piece carries its own history, expressing a link between thought, experience and memory and all the uncertainties in between.

Working with pigment dust made from finely ground ore and stone is by its nature an experimental process.  The resulting drawings suggest fragility and transience as well as reflecting the elemental fabric of the earth we all walk upon.

Her ‘dust’ drawings may seem ephemeral yet, being created out of the natural raw pigment, could like the paintings from prehistory last a thousand years.

‘it is the way a drawing can hover on the edge of existence that makes its language so eloquent’.

Rachel is included in the 2017 Cumbrian Artist of the Year exhibition at Rheged. She has also had a solo exhibition 2016 Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal of recent work, paintings, drawings, books and animations. She was a Cumbria Life Culture Awards 2017 – Visual Arts Finalist and recent selected work for National Exhibitions, 2016 – RSA Open, Edinburgh, 2015/16 – New Light Prize Exhibition, Bowes Museum 2015 – Lynn Painter Stainer Prize Exhibition, Mall Galleries 2017/ 2015 – Upfront Open (Commendation Award) 2014 – Open Up North, Kendal ( Commendation Award)

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