Igniting Spirit

I am an expressive artist curious about the world around and within me. I draw, paint, print, stitch, alter, embellish and combine to create pieces based upon my observational and intuitive response to experiencing landscape and nature.

I often think that Nature’s ephemeral beauty is so amazing that for me to replicate it is not the Truth for me. The Truth for me is how I am affected by it. That is what I hope to capture. A moment of magic.

I am also deeply fascinated by the ancient communities that once inhabited our land; the legacy, mystery and spirit they have left behind. This lost lore, coupled with our own native powers, is what propels me into creating. When the hand is in direct contact with the material I work with, that is when I feel most alive, where the soul is happiest.

My approach is spontaneous, experimental and filled with joy and wonder!

I love exploring the way fluid paint and pigment behave, and through this exploration, form is constructed. I am always working from a place of happiness; that is when I am ‘playing’ with the mediums I work with. What emerges in form and theme comes from deep down within – an impression was made… and a story unfolds…

Then there is dialogue… it can continue for quite a long time! Even after the work has been finished. I like that, how a piece can continue to communicate things to you so long after it has been made. 

I use printing techniques in my work which has lead me to explore other forms of print making. Currently I am playing with gelli prints using my own homemade gelli plates.

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Bookmaking,Drawing,Mixed Media,Painting,Printmaking

c/o Linden Print Studio, Linden Farmhouse, Baldwinholme, Carlisle, CA5 6LJ

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