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Beastie is coming to Penrith. All the way here from some wild place.

A small group of children is introduced to the idea that a beast is living amongst them. Video reportage shows a beast moving through their local environment, presenting adults clearly shocked by the mysteriously elusive creature. The children are then told a secret – the beast has been caught; a trunk is opened and the Beastie costume is revealed; it’s not a real beast, it’s a joke on the adults! So let’s play; the children dress a performer in the costume, creating their beast – they decide if it’s a boy or a girl (or something in between), they create a name, they decide where it lives, they give it a story and make it their own. They are now the friend and keeper of the beast and ready to enter the world outside.

Workshops for Kids between 6- 10 years old.

£5.50 Bookings can be made via Rheged 
Share a jaw-dropping secret and let the children take charge as they create their own stories with their special new friend.

Workshop & games: from 10am – 11.30am and 1pm – 2.30pm
The children do exercises, games and create their own creatures, before they get to meet Beastie. The children learn about the creatures before taking Beastie on an adventure walk.

Walk with Beastie: 4pm. Participants of both workshops get to introduce their friends and family to Beastie and take him on a walk. (Saturday – Penrith Town Centre & Sunday – Pooley Bridge, Ullswater).


BEASTIE is a special project created by the extraordinary LONE TWIN.


TO BOOK CALL RHEGED on 01768 868000 or online

Please note that workshops are only for children but parents and supervisors are welcome to stay at Rheged and wait and get a coffee whilst children are in the workshops. 

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