The concept of a treefold continues the process that has been at the heart of The Long View, a 2-year project in which Rob and Harriet Fraser, photographer and writer, have highlighted seven remarkably ordinary trees and the value of slowing down and pausing with trees. Each treefold has been built by master stone-waller, Andrew Mason, and includes stones carved with Harriet’s poetry by lithographer Pip Hall. There are through stones within the folds offering places to sit.

C-Art and Art in Exceptional Places celebrate these unique Cumbrian locations, landscapes and legacies. 

This winter, trees will be planted within the treefolds, which will offer protection for decades to come. Imagine yourself and others returning year after year, as each of the trees grow, perhaps taking time to contemplate what’s happening in the wider environment, locally and globally, and consider the place of trees in a biodiverse landscape that is also rich in human cultures of stone wall building, stockmanship and woodland management.

treefold:centre is in Grizedale Forest as part of the renowned sculpture collection. LA22 0QJ

treefold:east is on Little Asby Common, to the east of Orton. Grid Reference 685093 (The site is within a few metres of the road between Sunbiggin Tarn and the hamlet of Little Asby at the junction with the road to Mazon Wath, within the postcode area of CA16)



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