I am an 18 year old Newton Rigg Engineering graduate living amongst the fells of the northern lakes. My art is self-taught and based on my love of metalwork and recycling unconventional items that I have bought with projects in mind. My signature pieces are made from various types of nails. I make simple bottle openers from three six-inch nails to slightly more complicated ornamental alliums for the garden. My biggest piece to date is the near life sized golden eagle I have entered for this competition. It is made almost entirely from nails welded and sculpted to shape, the exception being the armature and some small detail. I have managed to purchase several pieces of equipment more commonly used in the commercial field and turned them to an artistic use. As well as crafting bespoke pieces of metal artwork I enjoy walking and taking photos of the wildlife and the scenery, which influence my pieces. My aim is to make a career out of metal work perhaps fusing modern commercial engineering with art with the environment around me to providing inspiration and materials.

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