‘The Last Supper’ is a plethora of mutilated plaster casts of fruit and vegetables, which incorporates rusted nails, scorched matches and interconnecting wire. I chose the subject of fruit and vegetables as I was interested in taking a mundane object and modifying it into a thought provoking installed sculpture. ‘The Last Supper’ suggests the idea of how our society is dramatically shifting towards an unnatural and almost dystopian way of living. The sculpture is my view on the Biblical Last Supper which invites everyone to partake through the use of the mirrors.
I used the mirrors in ‘The Last Supper’ because they provide a reflective mood and aesthetically make the sculpture appear lighter and more positive on first glance, but have an uncomfortable undertone. Additionally I integrated a black cast of each fruit and vegetable as they present a contrast between the white casts. The black casts punctuate the sculpture and supply a darker, alternative viewpoint to the dystopian Last Supper.

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