Emeli Hartness’ practice interrogates the layering of factual and fictional pre-existing stories, intertwining these as collective installations. Employing a range of media, from performance to set-design, Hartness brings the making process to fore through simplistic aesthetics that reveal the structure and production of the work. Her most recent works questions the relationship between performer and spectator by incorporating elements of Brecht’s Verfremdungseffekt: making the familiar strange.

OYO, 2017, performance evokes Karl Marx’s view on capitalism, focusing particularly on Marx’s theory of alienation in the workplace. The performance/installation demands the participation of the audience members to complete the cycle of production.
Hartness Presents: OYO
Welcome to OYO a place where all your fan needs are met.
We are a pop up shop that caters for all our fans; whether you are a Becky, Reggie or Peggy there will be something here for you. We sell the newest line of celebrity merchandise and we know you want it. For if we sell it you need it.

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Installation,Performance/Live Art


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