I take inspiration from my local area, bringing together natural and manmade materials to suggest the structure and texture of the pheasants within an environment.

Though many have thought from a distance the overriding use of feathers creates a completely believable representation, upon closer inspection, an understanding develops regarding the overlaying of materials, that explores both man-made and natural elements. By having each of the pheasants at varying levels of ‘completeness’ I have aimed to further emphasise the depth of materials used, showcasing each layer.

This piece is primarily inspired by the atmosphere, materials, form and colour used by Mark Gibbs and Anselm Kiefer.

‘Pheasants’ captures the reaction of pheasants when their natural lives are disturbed by human interference, with all of the pheasants’ eyes converging at the same point. The piece is displayed at eye level allowing the pheasants to be elevated, so humans are no longer looking down on them, though we have still encapsulated them in this white frame.

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