“Elodie and the Unicorns” is an acrylic on a 24”x24” canvas, based on a photograph Jenny’s boyfriend took of her when they visited a cat café, while on a little getaway in Edinburgh. Jenny loved the photo (and the cat, Elodie) so much she had to paint it! Her favourite parts of the painting are the cat’s face and the folds in the dress, as well as the brush strokes throughout the piece. Jenny left the unicorns on the dress to appear faded, so not to distract away from the main character on her lap.

Jenny normally illustrates, exhibiting her first comic in 2016 at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, but she loves to venture into painting, using either acrylics or watercolour. Her style can also vary in other art works by being a little abstract, minimal or going on to fill the whole canvas. She mostly paints her memorable moments or dreams and emotions, making her work personal.

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