“I am a sculptor who paints”.

My current process of painting angular faces, and capturing a visual language of image corruption, has enabled my work to establish a mode that is disjointed. I engage in mark making that is fragmented and piercing, but is structurally sound in shaping faces- much like the experience of erecting a sculptural piece. I paint using a palette knife in order to indent into the image, in a way that splinters the faces and disturbs their presence.

The nature of a person’s core attitude differs. No two people are alike. Symmetry is unique. Perception can become fixed- it is this notion I have exploited. Currently, driven by the idea of ‘corrupting an image’ my practice has followed a theme of displacement; I have been building a void between person and face. A face is not a person, portrait or embodiment of ideals, but simply a FACE. In order to diffuse struggle, separating the face from the person is vital, and a cryptic battle emerges between each entity.

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