My work explores indulgent worlds of narrative potential and theatrical possibility. Mixed media installations using the plasticity of language, the spatial potentiality of paint on a surface and the ability of fabric to create forms that act as a stand in for the body, explore hedonistic interests and the cultural significance of reoccurring genres and characters. Birthed from nostalgia, I often use historical material for the context of my work; being interested in the conflation of temporalities and what it means for our understanding of different time periods and the present day. Moulding the narratives to my own cathartic desires, my pieces are symbolically rich, often juxtaposing the economy of their means and scale; and frequently discussing the metaphorical relationship between nature and female sexuality. Texturally and imaginatively they are also rich, but harbour a fragility in the construction of the spectacle they suggest. A thin veneer of paint defines a shallow world, a projection holds a document which could be fractured in a moment; a single word to demolish and mutate the narrative voice. The pieces transverse the symbiosis of the fictional and ‘reality’; and the fluidity of these two states fuelled by the desire for emotional engagement.


Marisa was in the top 5 artists selected for the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2017.

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