I make large-scale abstract landscape paintings and focus on the relationship between mindset and environment and giving power to a depicted setting. I am influenced by the Lake District, and often base my colour palette around the earthy tones of landscape and water. I focus on giving these settings of landscape depth and agency through an abstract and gestural painting style. The contrast of deep and light colours within my paintings are resonant with a stormy atmosphere, with swirling brushstrokes to create movement. I am also inspired by the natural textures in every-day environment. I find how materials decompose fascinating and that filters into my practice through textures and layers of materials.

It is important for my practice to depict settings which have been significant to me and present them as my personal narrative of landscape. I intend my work to be immersive and engaging, where the scale of the pieces enable a sense of being wrapped-up in the motion of the painting. My work addresses the romanticism linked with the Lake District while exposing a more personal and sentimental depiction of ‘home’.

Millie was in the top 5 artists selected for the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2017.

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