I base my work on found or hand-made objects and history that tie in with memories and past experiences that can sometimes be fictional. My main sources of inspiration are my own memories (of visiting historical places or museums and absorbing the spirit of the objects that have aged and lived through the lives of many people) and the works of other artists like Mike Bennion and Ron PIppin that have brought me into Assemblage art, that I use to challenge the viewers imagination to create a narrative or their own interpretation for my work.
To create my work, I use a range of various techniques and mediums as well as already existing objects to go alongside into a one piece of work. “Aging” is one of the main processes that I use for my works such as photographs, drawings and other paper-based works. For the three dimensional work however, I often use a wire or cardboard base and build up the needed shape or a surface with layers of tissue paper to create effects of old metal, leather dead skin tissue as realistically as possible.

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