My work is a part of my AS Level coursework, under the title of close up. I have previously drawn portraits, and it is a subject that I particularly enjoy. However, I wanted to expand my skills and paint these, slightly less conventional, portraits. I developed my ideas further and experimented with mixed media techniques, which I have now incorporated into my own way of working. The inspiration for my work came from the artist Danny O’Connor, who also paints similar portraits, although in more of a street art style.
These paintings show my progression and development with mixed media. I experimented further with each painting I did, and added more media and techniques each time. The media I have used include: acrylic paint, texture paste, water colour paint and pens, wall emulsion, chalk pastels, spray paint, and ink. I also used textures such as cardboard and sand, and different ways of applying the paint including: brush, sponge roller, sponge, palette knife, bubble wrap and drips.
I was particularly interested in how I portrayed the eyes. The eyes show our emotions, yet they can be interpreted in many different ways; so I wanted to create a sense of ambiguity and mystery.

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