These are three very different pieces of work that are examinations of, or a study of, a landscape, animal or inanimate object looking at the subject in a new or different way.
A study of a Pebble Prominent (Digital developed from hand drawing).
In this piece I examine the colours and lines of the Pebble Prominent moth (Notodonta ziczac) and then process and display them in a piece that shows the moth in a new light.
A sea-glass filled post (driftwood post with sea worn glass mounted using copper and solder.
This sculptural piece is a study of the beach, in particular stones that have been forced into cracks in wooden posts along the coastline. I wanted to create something that both replicated this and looked attractive to the viewer, so instead of stone I used sea glass found on the beach.
The Eas Lathan waterfall on the Doodilmore River (lino print and hand-coloured with alcohol markers).
In this piece I explore landscape, but look at the vegetation in relation to underlying geology. Inspired by wonderful and contrasting colours and patterns on geological maps, the piece shows the landscape in a way not often observed or noticed.

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