Here are our top ten tips for increasing your visitor numbers for C-Art 2017;

1. POSTERS:  Put these up in your local area and use the editable posters to highlight your plans and opening times

2. WORD OF MOUTH: Tell your neighbours, local village shop, pub, post office, B & B’s, and cafes about your plans and give them a copy of the programme. Encourage them to send people your way.

3. C-ART DISPLAYS: Can you decorate a shop, cafe or window with all things yellow?  Don’t forget to send us a picture! Use bunting and balloons at your venue so visitors know where you are.

4. CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: Send details of your C-Art plans to your mailing list.

5. ONLINE: Promote your plans through Facebook, blogs, twitter and your website. Use the C-Art logos which can be found here and link your website to the 

6. HELP US HELP YOU: Send us any interesting stories and pictures, share to C-Art Facebook page and share this page with your contacts. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts! @C-Art & @Eden Arts on facebook and @Eden_Arts on twitter. Use #CArt17 too.

7. SPECIAL EVENT: Organise a special evening event during C-Art and invite your friends, family and mailing list (if you haven’t done so already). Perhaps offer special discounts and put out some nibbles/drinks. (We have seen a few popping up on facebook already including Daniel Cooper & The Unstationary Artists)

8. SUPPORT EACH OTHER: Be aware of the C-Art members near you and details of their studio. Encourage visitors to see the other artists and galleries.

9. PASSING TRADE: C-Art signs are vital for both C-Art visitors and passing trade so make your venue look exciting and inviting! Make visitors feel welcome- put out a poster with a welcome message and your opening times.

10. MINGLE: Not only is it a great idea to support your fellow artists you can chat to visitors about your own open studio or gallery. If you are able to attend C-Art preview evenings or any of the Rheged events it is a great opportunity to tell people about your own open studio.


11. BONUS – SEND OUT A PRESS RELEASE: Get in touch with your local paper or radio and tell them about your plans… think about what makes you and your story special, send them some photos of you and your work. Send them your information in the body of your email, remember to add PRESS RELEASE into the subject line, and give them a phone number to contact you on. Copy in too so we can share it!