YCAOTY Winner Adam Story – One Year On!

[Adam Storey, Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year 2016]


After winning the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year competition in 2016, we just about managed to tie down globe trotter Adam Story to ask him what he’s been up to in the last year since winning the C-Art competition. 


How did you feel when you won the award last year?

Really shocked! I had so much fun creating videos during my foundation course last year but I never believed they were good enough to win a prize. It really gave me a lot more confidence towards my practice. It was a really good boost for me to create more work.

What have you been up to since winning the Young Cumbrian Artist if the Year Award?

Since winning the prize I have completed my first year studying Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Art – University of Oxford. During this time, I had my first solo exhibition which involved cleaning a gallery space over a period of two days.

How has your practice developed in the past year?

I have started to let my practice relax a bit more, with less focus upon material outcomes. My year has mostly consisted of research surrounding what I believe is the theme of ‘world building’. To summarise my interests: self-sustaining systems, gaming worlds, functioning objects and quasi-serious documents revealing the secrets lives of plants. It has been quite a rewarding year of thinking about how I want to use art.

Who are you influenced by in your creative practice?

Iain Sinclair’s practice resonates with me, specifically ‘London Orbital’ which he walks the entire M25 by foot. My biggest influences are my friends. I don’t forcibly make work that involves them but it seems that my work is at its best when its not just me behind it. I really like working with others.

What are you plans for the future?

I hope to keep having fun. At the moment, I am thinking about the links between games and knowledge and soon I am going to create my own digital worlds hopefully. Getting an internship for the next summer in a company that develops games would be ideal.


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Here’s some of Adam’s most recent work –